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Some Unique Advantages Of Piezoelectric Actuators

The piezoelectric actuator comes with the following attributes:

  1. Actuators have a theoretical unlimited resolution time that is the smallest changes made in the supply voltage that is detected and then eventually converted the linear motion type without stepping or skipping.
  2. You will not find any moving parts which mean it has no friction or free motion. The piezoelectric actuator elongation is typically based on the deformation of the material, and you will also find no fighting or aging problems. According to the endurance tests, the results prove that there is no alternation in the operation of the actuator even after you complete 500 million cycles on it.
  3. You can attain High actuation forces without any significant loss in the precision of the piezoelectric actuators.
  4. None of the magnetic fields are generated when you operate the actuator.

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