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There are so many ways to live your life. You can spend your life for yourself, but you will soon feel that you are in an abyss of loneliness and you need a partner. And when you have the one, it is your responsibility to satisfy and please her in all respects.

Don’t forget, you will never keep her happy unless you are able to have a filled sexual intercourse, you must be hard in the bed. What a shame that she wanted something from you, but you were unable to offer the same.

Failure to get a firm erection

Failure to get a firm erection means you can’t enjoy your life as well as your female partner. This is why more and more men are on the lookout for the best male enhancement products because they want to live a cheerful and happy life.

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You get joy from her, she gets the same from you or you give it to her, and she gives it to you, etc. Just imagine, it is late hours of the night, she turns her side and starts kissing you and then next, you know what if you fail to get the erection.